Which Drink Goes Best with Beef Jerky?

Beef Jerky is a great nibbly snack and we all know that our delicious jerky is full of flavour. What you may not know, is which alcoholic drinks are the best choice to serve with the intensely flavoured jerky. We will tell you our favourite drinks. In our opinion, they are the perfect companion to […]

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Mallory Tocino jerky answers is jerky healthy. www.mallorytocino.com

Is Jerky Healthy?

Our jerky tastes so good, it is no wonder you may be asking, “Is Jerky Healthy?” The answer is ‘Yes’, but you must realise that not all jerky is made equal. Some are highly processed jerky may contain a lot of fat and other nasties that may not be good for your health. Here at […]

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Beerfest 2018 Eatons Hills Hotel with Mallorys Tocino

2018 Beerfest at Eatons Hill Hotel

 Brisbane 5th Annual Beer Fest at Eatons Hill Hotel. Last weekends weather forecast was wet, cloudy & shower ! Ohh boy!!! but in-spite of the muddy puddles, it ended up being a packed crowd of people enjoying themselves dancing with hands full,  holding craft beer, from local makers. Dress up Attire is the best highlight. […]

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Australian made 97% fat free beef jerky by Mallorys Tocino Jerky


Our customers are often curious how jerky is made. Our traditional family recipes are hush-hush but we are happy to share the basic steps to making meat jerky. By searching the internet, you can find many basic recipes.  Basically you gather a whole bunch of spices and sauces ( the choice is yours ) together,  […]

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Chilli Lovers with Mallorys Tocino

A weekend taste for Chilli Lovers at Murphy Creek Chilli Festival located at Lockyer Valley QLD It is the second community event celebrating flavours & fire. Free event with loads of chilli product samples and most exciting to see the chilli eating competition. There’s no better place to satisfy your chilli craving for flavour and fire. […]

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