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Kangaroo jerky now available

Mallorys Tocino are please to let you all know what we have now added Kangaroo jerky to our product range.

It comes in two flavours – Original Kangaroo Jerky and Super Hot Kangaroo Jerky. Do you love our beef jerky, chicken jerky and pork jerky? You are sure to love our new Kangaroo Jerky too.

All of our jerky is handmade from quality Australian grass-fed meat, at our commercial kitchen in Queensland. 

The jerky is long-lasting when stored as directed.  (Our jerky doesn’t need to be stored in the fridge, so is handy to pop in your bag.)

Perfect for hiking, travelling, camping and more. 

We have a great selection of tasty jerky recipes so there is sure to be lots of favourites. Shop Now