Chilli Lovers with Mallorys Tocino

Chilli Lovers with Mallorys Tocino

A weekend taste for Chilli Lovers at Murphy Creek Chilli Festival located at Lockyer Valley QLD

Chilli Lovers with Mallorys TocinoIt is the second community event celebrating flavours & fire. Free event with loads of chilli product samples and most exciting to see the chilli eating competition.

There’s no better place to satisfy your chilli craving for flavour and fire. You could sample everything from chilli chocolate to mild and savoury sauces , chutneys , Gourmet food selections like Jerky, salami, chilli plants & chilli seeds AND Mallorys Tocino Jerky!

Despite of heavy rain from the heaven turning the relaxing green grass in the soccer field into a chocolate muddy paddock with surprisingly great crowd of people came along with their wet attire of  gumboots and  umbrellas while enjoying walking around in every chilli stall display . Mallorys Tocino first product showcase  was a great experienced for us to attend this event and we enjoyed meeting new faces in local suburban area in Murphy Creek and  happy to try our free taster .


All Things Chilli at Ignite Chilli Festival is a must-attend! Treat your  tastebuds from your mouth watering chill taste and enjoy the fabulous  HOT  atmosphere at the first-ever Ignite Chilli Festival on the Sunshine Coast/ Caloundra one of the most popular beach destination for family  enjoy a full day of exciting live entertainment with loads of  interactive activities and the most part of the events is the Chilli eating competition in a different chilli names like the most hottest chilli in the world Carolina Reaper , habanero , scorpion ,birds eye , chocolate and ghost chilli and endless great selection for all types of chilli stall with their chilli product  to showcase on this events made and produced locally by the small business minded people .

Mallorys Tocino is one of the exhibitor for this events showcasing local product with our mild to medium Tocino jerky  spiced product to our most popular Superhot Safari in beef and super hot Periperi in Pork . Were having a fabulous day with a bit of shower to start and end up to hottest chilli weather with great crowd for chilli lovers tune up on the day .

Good thing about being events Exhibitor around  Brisbane is seeing different type of costumer talking to them and most of all is great brand exposure to direct consumers.