Mallorys Tocino

Beerfest 2018 Eatons Hills Hotel with Mallorys Tocino

2018 Beerfest at Eatons Hill Hotel

 Brisbane 5th Annual Beer Fest at Eatons Hill Hotel.


Last weekends weather forecast was wet, cloudy & shower ! Ohh boy!!! but in-spite of the muddy puddles, it ended up being a packed crowd of people enjoying themselves dancing with hands full,  holding craft beer, from local makers.

Dress up Attire is the best highlight. It is great to see lots of people with creative customs of all things beer, cider and spirit ginger beer. There’s a few selection of non alcohol drinks.

Beerfest 2018 Eatons Hills Hotel with Mallorys Tocino
Beerfest Brisbane 2018

GRAB a cold beer with your mate and enjoy the experience of handcrafted local brewery and interstate with over 130 beers & cider.
Mallory’s Tocino is surrounded by all producer of small batch made by local makers, like us, and we’re the only jerky producer at this event, it’s a perfect compliment with beer and jerky together.