What is your favourite jerky recipe

What is your favourite jerky recipe?

Hello Jerky Lovers! Let’s do something fun today.
We would like you to tell us, what is your favourite jerky recipe?

There is three parts to this today. All just for fun.

1. Is there a favourite jerky recipe or flavour that we don’t make, that you would like us to add to our range?

This could be just a variation to the flavoured jerky we already have, or something unique that you have seen somewhere else, or you make yourself.

2. Do you make your jerky? What process do you use?

We use a process with a lot of family history, and it is a little different to how some others make theirs. We would love to hear your recipe and process. Have you tried to make jerky, and had a complete fail? Tell us about it. Remember, this is all in fun. 🙂 

3. Make up your own tasty, or not so tasty, lol  jerky recipe.

Whether you make your own, or prefer our handmade jerky, just for fun, create your ultimate favourite jerky recipe. Maybe it is made with a select herb or spice, sauce, or maybe even a healthy swig or spirits. Beer jerky? Jack Daniels jerky? hmmmm sounds tempting. 

Remember, this is all just in fun, therefore the crazier the flavour or recipe the better. In other words, let your imagination run wild.

You can see the flavours in our Beef Jerky range, so that you can get some ideas. Also you can check out the flavours in our Chicken Jerky, and Pork jerky range.