Meet Malcolm and Lory

Mallory’s Tocino Jerky originated on the tropical island of Cebu, in the Philippines, from a traditional tocino recipe passed down through the family for generations.

Company owners Malcolm and Lory (Mal-lory) spent years perfecting this time-honoured recipe to create the best tasting meat snack in the Southern Hemisphere.

In 2014, Lory and Malcolm made their handcrafted jerky available to the public when they founded Mallory’s Tocino Jerky in Queensland.

Using locally sourced, grain-fed meat from their company headquarters in Narangba, Queensland, they started making new flavours with different types of meat, including Australia’s first ever chicken jerky.

Now, Mallory’s Tocino Jerky is available at local shops across Brisbane, Caboolture and the Sunshine Coast, including IGA, FoodWorks and a wide range of specialty grocers.

We also carry Safe Food Accreditation (#123168000) in Australia.

Malcolm and Lory from Mallorys Tocino
Mallorys Tocino Jerky at the local markets.

But, it’s not all about us

What we really love at Mallory’s Tocino Jerky is hearing how much our customers love our small batch, handcrafted jerky.  That’s why you can find us at outdoor markets in Eumundi, Caboolture, Carseldine and many more. Come say hello and try our jerky for yourself!

We want our jerky to reach as many mouths as possible.  That’s why we’re always ready to talk with new companies who want to put Mallory’s Tocino Jerky in their shop and we ship our marinade rubs and jerky all over Australia through our online store.

Do you think Mallory’s Tocino Jerky is the best jerky in Australia?  Then leave us a review!  We want to hear what you have to say!

Why Tocino? isn't it just jerky?

Tocino [ toh-see-noh ] is the Spanish word for bacon.  It was introduced to the Philippines when Spanish ships arrived in the 16th century.  Unlike traditional tocino, which is cut into cubes, the Filipino version sliced pork belly into thin strips and cured it with their own special methods.

In the old days, tocino was cooked over hot charcoal, then laid out on rooftops for hours under the sun to dry out and get its texture.

These days, Lory and Malcom use modern food processing equipment and techniques perfected with years of practice to adapt their secret, traditional recipe they brought from the Philippines.

Mallory’s Tocino Jerky starts with thin slices of lean, raw meat and is cured with a mix of salty, sour and sweet ingredients to give it that pleasant bite, but keep the moisture in the meat.  Next, we marinate the meat with Asian herbs and spices for 24 hours before it’s air dried, grilled and sealed for the most perfect jerky you’ll ever eat!

And, it’s 97% fat free

That’s right!  Mallory’s Tocino Jerky uses extra lean meat that has almost no fat, because too much fat hinders our special preservation process.  The low amount of fat also helps keep our jerky fresh for longer.  In an airtight container at room temperature, Mallory’s Tocino Jerky can last for ages!

We have the ideal healthy snack for every occasion!  Road trips, after the gym, hiking, wine tasting, in the kid’s lunchbox or as a party snack.  Celebrate great taste with Mallory’s Tocino Jerky.

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