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Boost the flavour of your BBQ meals.

It no secret that spices add some punch to your foods and transform them from bland to mind blowing. But the careful balance of herbs and spices make the art of flavouring your steak, chops or fillets a science.

Mallorys Tocino All Purpose Marinades have been carefully developed using carefully selected ingredients and a culinary knowledge that leaves you with only the cooking to do. Available in six unique flavours, there is something for every dish, from an amazing smoked steak straight out of Texas to a beautifully prepared snapper prepared to perfection in Thailand with its amazing lemon and lime zing.

Easy to use, you will be cooking up a storm in no time. You can simply rub on the marinade dry and leave to soak in, or mix it up with some oil to create a paste that you can apply and leave overnight to really get the flavours into the meat.


Hit your meals for six!

Meet our family of All Purpose Marinades

all purpose marinade garlic butter

Garlic Butter

Add a taste of the Mediterranean to your food with our amazing garlic butter flavour marinade. It’s great with chicken and perfect with fish of all kinds, especially prawns.

all purpose marinade double smoke

Double Smoke

Like your brisket smoky, or a steak from the deep south. The double smoke marinade will make your steak taste like its straight off the barbie, even if its cooked in the kitchen.

all purpose marinade rosemary mint

Rosemary Mint

Who doesn’t like a well cooked piece of Lamb on a Sunday? Make it even better with our Rosemary Mint flavour marinade. You’ll simply want more.

BBQ Spare Rib

The experience of eating ribs of the barbecue is amazing, that soft tender meat falling from the bone. Make it even better with the BBQ Spare Rib flavour marinade. Next level flavour.

all purpose marinade outback original

Original Outback

Australia is known for its barbecue culture, and the Original Outback marinade is what it’s all about. A fair dinkum, finger licking flavour that tastes like home.

all purpose marinade asian lemon and lime

Asian Lemon & Lime

For the taste of the Asia head straight for our Asian Lemon and Lime marinade. Exotic, fruity and full of punch, its great on fish, but can bring any dish to life.

You clearly love your barbecue and know that great tasting meat and fish starts before the cooking begins. So why not give Mallorys Tocino All Purpose Marinades a go. Once you taste them you will never cook without them again.

We want you to try all the flavours, so we are offering you free shipping if you order two or more. Simply use the coupon code below when you pay for your online purchase.