Best Tasting Jerky In Brisbane

Best Tasting Jerky In Brisbane

Best tasting jerky in Brisbane. That’s what we think, and our repeat customers tend to agree!

What makes our jerky rate so high?

There are several reasons why we feel our jerky is popular, and the best tasting jerky in Brisbane, ranging from variety, taste and convenience. 


Our beef jerky recipe has been passed down for generation in our family. The blend of aromatic spices combine to make great tasting jerky. Over time we have adapted the recipe and perfected it with our chicken jerky and pork jerky as well.


Our Original Beef Jerky will always be a favourite amongst our customers, and is definitely one of our jerky flavours that customers rank us as the Best tasting Jerky in Brisbane. 

We are pleased to say that many of our other jerky flavours are gaining momentum, meaning they are sitting up there as well.

Have you ever tried our chicken jerky or pork jerky? You will be pleasantly surprised.  We offer many flavours in our beef, pork and chicken jerky range. 

Butter Chicken Jerky and Adobo Chicken Jerky are the two flavours you must try in our chicken jerky range. and Original Pork Jerky.

We have a special promotion where you can buy 10x 100g packs of jerky with free postage, allowing you to try a large selection or just buy your favourites. A fantastic offer therefore it is very popular with our customers.


We have discussed the family recipe of sauces and spices, but we haven’t touched on the texture. Some jerky is very dry, and tough, in other words, it’s very hard to chew. This is not the case with our jerky. The process we use in making our jerky, means that it is not only safe to eat, but we are able to lock in the juices, with results in a soft, chewy (but not tough) jerky. It is very moreish!! 


As long as you store your jerky in the self seal bag that it comes in, and in a cool dry location, the jerky will last some time. Check the use by date on the pack. 

Our jerky is 97% fat free which means it makes for an ideal everyday snack. Being high in protein, low in fat, it is great for post gym workouts. Pop a pack in your gym bag, or handbag.

Kids also love our jerky, particularly the chicken variety, so pop some in their lunch box, or for after school snacks. 

Our jerky is great teamed with a cold beer. Great for parties, footy games, or other sports events. 

Are you travelling? Our jerky stores and keeps well. Buy a variety and keep them on hand when travelling, hiking, boating, etc. 

So what do you think? Are we the best tasting jerky in Brisbane? Australia? 

Are you a long time customer, or first time buyer? We would love to hear what your thoughts are, and why you love our jerky. Do you feel it is the best tasting jerky in Brisbane? Leave your feedback in the comments below. 

Also, have you found a unique time or place to eat our jerky? We would love to hear about it.